Horse Sized Adjustments

As a bit of an update to the previous post I feel that now is an opportune time to say that I am woefully out of shape. I was out of shape before becoming horseman, so the feeling of being out of shape isn’t new. That said, basically relearning to walk without doing a weird limp is making my cardio workout difficult, but now I have a real need to get into shape and develop proper pacing.

I’m going stir-crazy. Not working is making me an isolationist and pretty much the only person I’ll actually talk to is Greg (I’m still not great at managing my new snout and voice box, so I’m seeing a speech therapist once a week). Greg has been incredibly faithful and sometimes we just sit and watch Netflix and life doesn’t seem as weird anymore. Then they’ll be a funny moment in the movie and when I go to laugh I’ll neigh instead and the illusion is ruined.

I know I told the story of my first night home before, and how Greg stayed beside me through the night so I would stay calm. He’s only done that once or twice since (and only because I asked), having someone to sleep next to is oddly comforting when you’re coping with depression, I’ve found. He’s never complained, although he’s also never said he enjoys it so I don’t like to ask him more often.