Horse Meets Car

Like most people here (I’m going to avoid saying where here is) I need a car to go to work, so I own a used white sedan. If I were to be completely honest I should probably see about getting something nicer now that I can afford it. Regardless, for now I own a sedan.

Problem is, I can’t drive the sedan. Well, fully human me could. Half horse me can’t. (It’s not technically half horse either, but let the guy living with this have his moments.) The government has decided that since I have a largely modified body I need to retake my drivers test. If I pass, I go back to driving at the license type I was. If I fail, I guess I have to take it again… Never really thought that far ahead.

So, today I have to go and deal with that. The appointment is at 11AM, so I’m just wasting away time since I can’t enjoy my morning with that looming. I’ve been reading over the DMV-provided driving guide online, too. I don’t think I’ll have to write the test again, but it never hurts to be prepared. I’ll let you know how it goes.

It went well! I have my license back (and my first photo ID with my new appearance too). It was less painful than I expected. The examiner was uncomfortable the entire time, and for one I really enjoyed making someone uncomfortable. Revenge for my 16 year old self I guess.

My fridge is now stocked with about ten varieties of leafy greens that old me could never have tasted the differences in. I decided to listen to the doctors and try eating a more green diet and I must admit to feeling better with it. They’ll never take my meat away from me completely though! I still have my pride.

Overall today was a less crappy day to be a horsebeast.