This entire post is dedicated to my best friend, the guy who’s been with me though all of this and kept me positive. I’m calling him Greg here because a key part of my diary is the anonymity. So, despite not using his real name I want to brag on him as a person today.

When I first had rational thought after the mix-up at the gene clinic I realized I needed someone. I was hobbling around like someone with two legs asleep and barely able to talk from my larger maw. I had been gene spliced with equine traits just hours ago and now I had to go home.

There is no “observation” period, as long as you can move you go home. Any follow up exams or required physical training is done there. Now that I was done screaming I had to go home and let them “sort it out tomorrow.”

Now, I’d driven to the gene clinic and expected to drive home, that wasn’t happening. The clothes I’d brought with me also didn’t fit (I’d worn a gown for the procedure and would need to wear it home). I couldn’t bring myself to take the bus in this condition, so it seemed like I would need to take a taxi home. Then it dawned on me that I’d eventually have to tell someone, and, it might as well be Greg first. So I had the staff call him.

The first thing I said to him was probably mostly just, “Iammmsogleeeign” or something like that. The look of confusion and denial I saw on his face made my heart freeze. Then he asked if it was me and I nodded. Then he did the most amazing thing, he leaned down and he hugged me. I lost it and stated crying. I woke up from the procedure hours before, but it wasn’t until that hug that I was actually alive again.

We left in his car as I relayed more of the story (very slowly thanks to the muzzle) and he asked questions. He went to the Burger King drive thru and grabbed food for supper and about twenty minutes later arrived back at my house.

Greg took pity on me and came in and helped me get adjusted. I’ll be honest, I was still being a big baby and crying a lot. I was questioning if my life was still worth living. So, he ended up having to comfort me a lot to get me to settle down at all.

Eventually it was dark. I said I wasn’t going to be able to sleep. So, he did something I didn’t expect and told me to lay down and he laid down beside me and just held me. I have no idea when I finally went to sleep, but I knew when I woke up and he was still there that life was worth living.